Supresso Signature Blend – Coffee Beans



  • Medium acidity level
  • Medium viscosity level
  • Full City + roast maturity level
  • 100% Indonesian Arabica coffee
  • Fragrant aroma of spices
  • Sweet and warm flavor of chocolate and spices


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We are proud to present to you, a special concoction of the rich variety of Indonesian Arabica coffee flavors in the Blend Supresso House. We choose the level of maturity of our full city + roast roaster so that we can serve coffee with the sweet fragrance of spices, the acidity of the medium, the good body combined with a touch of fresh fruity flavor and the sweet and warm flavor of chocolate and spices. Harmony of the true taste of coffee for you special.

From our house to yours, hospitable blended coffee that displays its splendor is prepare for you-coffee lovers. The concoction does not eclipse its uniqueness but it exalts its grandeur as each intrinsic characteristics of its flavours, full city+ roastis used resulting in medially acidic coffee that possesses a good body with hints  of warm spice and a chocolatey cinnamon nuance. It also features a note of fruit and  a touch of spicy sweetness. The existence of its pervasive fruity aroma combined with its permeative sweetly spicy fragrance have augmented the coffee’s majestic nature. It is, indeed, a harmonious symphony of savour.

从我们的家到你的,热情好客的混合咖啡,显示其辉煌,为你准备咖啡爱好者。 该混合不会削弱其独特性,但它的宏伟,它的味道的每个内在特征,完整的城市+ roastis使用,导致内部酸性咖啡,拥有一个良好的身体与温暖的香料和巧克力肉桂细节的提示。 酒店还设有一个水果和一种辛辣的甜味。 其广泛的水果香气的存在结合其渗透甜辣的香味增强了咖啡的雄伟性质。 这确实是一个和谐的交响乐。

Weight 200 g

Coffee Beans

Technical Specifications

Informasi Nilai Gizi / Nutrition Facts / 营养成分
Takaran Penyajian / Serving Size / 份量 8g
Jumlah Sajian per Kemasan / Serving per Packaging / 每包装服务 25
Jumlah Per Sajian / Amount Per Serving / 每份的量
Energi Total / Energy / 总能量 30 kkal / kcal
Energi dari Lemak / Calories from Fat / 来自脂肪的热量 10 kkal / kcal
%AKG* / %DV*
Lemak Total / Total Fat / 总脂肪 1 g 1 %
Lemak Jenuh / Saturated Fat / 饱和脂肪 0,5 g 4 %
Lemak Trans / Trans Fat / 反式脂肪 0 g
Kolesterol / Cholesterol / 胆固醇 0 g 0 %
Protein / Protein / 蛋白 1 g 2 %
Karbohidrat Total / Total Carbohydrate / 总碳水化合物 5 g 2 %
Serat Pangan / Dietary Fiber / 膳食纤维 2 g 8 %
Gula / Sugar / 糖 0 g
Natrium / Sodium / 钠 0 mg 0 %
Kalium / Potassium / 钾 110 mg 2 %
Vitamin A / Vitamin A / 维生素A 0 %
Vitamin C / Vitamin C / 维生素C 0 %
Kalsium / Calcium / 钙 0 %
Zat Besi / Iron / 铁 0 %
* Persen AKG berdasarkan kebutuhan energi 2000 kkal.
Kebutuhan energi Anda mungkin lebih tinggi atau lebih rendah.
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Your daily values maybe higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.